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    PROMISE is participating the energy saving program proposed by the environmental protection

    agency(EPA)  of the united states.our products are certified by the EPA water Sense product 

    certification program,which makes customers easily to choose high quality water saving products.

    Meanwhile,our EPA waterSense products are not only with high water-saving efficiency,but also

    keeping high quality and performance as the traditional products,or even better.

    As the name of our company states we make a PROMISE to you our customer.

    We will provide punctual delivery and the best in customer service.


    PROMISE participates every action that guarantee the safety of drinking water system

    proposed by the US government. As of January 4, 2014, The Safe Drinking Water Act

    comes into effect, the Act is mandating all drinking water connected valves, faucets

    and fittings must be lead-free.


    When you choose a PROMISE product you have our

    promise that our product will be safe, effective and environmentally responsible.

    ◆ To social harmony, the company development, staff progress!

    ◆ Do not seek radical, just practical, outstanding  performance, if you wish!

    Our philosophy

    Our aim

    ◆ Customers are our God forever!
    ◆ We respect our customers, understanding customers,
     continued to exceed

          customer expectations of service, so that the customer is always assured
    ◆ We firmly believe that 1% of our mistakes, for customers,
     the loss is 100%,

          so we have been working to do better
    ◆ All employees are clear: the measure of our success the most 

          criteria is that we make customer satisfaction level. Growing up with

          customers, let us perfect the customer's request!

    Our slogan



    • Valuable in the quality


      Valuable in the quality

      "Quality"is based on the book business, but also the physical and chemical performance of enterprise personality, we are pursuing is to excellent product quality supreme, them as the life;
    • Hang on service


      Hang on service

      "service "is an extension of quality is the quality of composition, we pursue the perfection of service, service in mind, your heart, perseverance, goodness can be one;
    • Support in the management


      Support in the management

      "Management"is the quality objectives of protection, is to build a quality environment. Our pursuit is to the pure essence of management. Subtlety subtle, pure to no time, you can achieve the "promising" of the environment;
    • Rui in the Transcend


      Rui in the Transcend

      "Transcend"is the driving force for sustainable development of enterprises, is the life of the "gas station. " Transcend is a creative and dare to explore. We seek is to go beyond their predecessors, beyond themselves, Rui Yu Xing Ge, good governance, to do business in the new century pioneers.